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Track 1: The Digestion Train
Down the esophagus, the food will now progress,
Into the stomach, where it all makes a stop,
The stomach squirms and squirms, and acid kills the germs,
and now your turkey dinner's turned into slop.

Track 2: The Call
Tall tales and short yarns from another place and time,
From fascinating continents, a bit of prose and rhyme,
So join us on our journey, an enchanting exploration
of something very special, it's called imagination

Track 3: Before You Came This Way
For cultures long before you, have left us crystal balls,
A glimpse into past history with writings on cave walls
As these, the first Americans in pictures let us know,
What life was like for some of them five thousand years ago

Track 4: Pretty Butterfly
Scales upon your wings, is where the pigment clings,
Artistry in flight and fancy free,
they are beautiful hues...Violet, orange, red, and blues,
Pretty Butterfly and me

Track 5: Twister
It's not the Monkey, and it's not the Frug, Not the Mashed Potato...
Hang around a storm and give your funnel a twist,
Now you're doin' the Tornado
Now you're doin' the Tornado

Track 6: Stranger Than Fiction
Meet the Giant Anteater, our creature
A two-foot sticky tongue is it's cool feature,
Eating 30,000 ants as it maneuvers,
like a walking vacuum cleaner made by Hoover

Track 7: Liquids
Take a look at liquids, flowing, smooth, and wet,
Water, honey, mercury, Coca-Cola, sweat,
Liquids are essential to all of us on Earth,
We even are surrounded by it prior to our birth

Track 8: Wrangler
He was born on the day Michelangelo died,
in Pisa, where his story began,
A feisty little baby with stars in his eyes,
would be Galileo, Renaissance Man

Track 9: Chain of Life Limbo
Life is like a delicate chain, Not fancy gold, it's very plain,
Don't be confused, cause I'll explain, as we limbo the Chain of Life.
Each animal is a vital link, take one away... you're out of sync,
Disaster! We'd be on the brink, and we'd limbo to just survive.

Track 10: Checkin' Out The Bones
Gotta make a point, where the bones meet,
It is called a joint, in your feet... it's an ankle, dude!
Deep inside the marrow, in the jelly-like narrows,
Red cells are formed to get the blood renewed.

Track 11: Colorful Sunday in the Park
There's a man in a hat, what's that dog barking at?
See that little girl dressed in a frock,
We're here just relaxing, with nothing too taxing,
We're going for a walk.

Track 12: Black Widow
Hidden in a dark and dingy corner,
in a tangled web 'tis Widow Black,
Crimson hourglasses now adorn her,
as she waits for the right moment to attack

Track 13: Cotyledon Conga
So many different types of leaves, all across the landscape,
andYou can classify them just by contemplating their shape.
Botanists are clever folk, they make names sound complex.
Translation's really easy, there's no need to be perplexed.

Track 14: The Ballad of Antigone (BONUS TRACK)
Long ago in ancient Thebes, a city-state of Greece's,
Two brothers in a feud, Eteocles and Polyneices
were supposed to every other year, share the kingly throne,
Eteocles got selfish, and he said the throne he owned.